VanMor Team

Indiana's Leading Confined Space, Rope Rescue, Safety, Security & Education Team 

Our Story

Our Story

Vanmor Agency, LLC began as a small security company in 2008 providing security services to a major utility construction project in Southern Indiana. The company has grown to now include: confined space rescue, high angle rescue, emergency medical services, safety and health safety testing. In addition, Vanmor has expanded to provide its services to several major companies across the Mid-West area.

We pride ourselves on our high level of professionalism. Employees complete required training courses to maintain current proficiencies, and many have emergency medical experience as well. The medical qualification and experience range from EMR, EMT and Advanced EMT.

Vanmor’s goal is to provide the requested services to its clients, with an understanding that  client satisfaction is the top priority. Based on the nature of the services provided, We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of client employees. Vanmor expects a high level of integrity from all its employees, while providing all of our services.

Mission Statement

The mission of Vanmor Agency is to provide our clients with a team of the best industrial and occupational services with safety and reliability being our number one goal. We train our staff to act swiftly in a professional manner to save lives and minimize injury for our clients’ employees and staff.

We carry out our mission with emergency medical responders, Emergency medical technicians and advanced EMT’s on our staff. We cross train with experienced close confinement rescue personnel with the latest techniques and equipment.

We train to save lives and provide safety and security, while providing services in a professional manner for our clients.